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We empower educators with the same accreditation as other major universities

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You're in good company

We've helped successful academics and entrepreneurs from leading organizations to start new colleges

How it works

→ Apply to join

If your college is selected, you'll register all the teachers, including at least 2 academics with PhDs. You can use our tools to create your courses, or migrate existing courses.

→ Quality assurance

The Woolf platform measures everything for accreditation compliance. Your organization is peer reviewed to ensure you meet the standards. We'll help you succeed.

→ Launch

Your approved school or college will be accredited at launch, and you can start offering accredited courses and degrees in approved subjects. New subjects may require approval.

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Accreditation for your organization

Global recognition

The same accreditation as other universities

Real degrees

We're a licensed, accredited higher education institution, and our stamps will be added to your degree certificates

Recognition for your courses

Build (or migrate) your courses on the platform
The software will benchmark them for compliance
Upon approval, they will be accredited and ready for students
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A network of support

As more members join, the benefits of membership increase

Grow with the network

We're adding new partnerships and licenses, so the reach of your courses keeps growing

Collaborate to create new degrees

Connect with academics and experts around the world. Everything is accredited - so courses can be stacked to create degrees

The only platform you need to run your college and deliver your courses


Is the accreditation real?

Yes, we provide globally recognized accreditation using the European Credit Transfer System, which is recognized by universities around the world. We do not cut any corners or permit lowered standards - our software makes this compliance easy.

Are there other fees?

There are payment processing fees (e.g. 2.9% for credit cards), which vary depending on your situation. Please reach out if you have questions.

Why should I care?

Accreditation through Woolf gives your courses the recognition they deserve, gives your students the confidence to stay in their studies, and provides you the freedom to innovate.

Do I need to have a PhD?

Your school will need to have an academic director with a PhD, and you'll need at least 2 PhDs in your school to get started. We can help.

Ready to start?